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re Re: 87 CGT Dash Lights

"Matt Rooke" <mrooke@fcpa.fujitsu.com> wrote:

	>  >  open the switch.  Be sure to use some contact cleaner and/or
	 >  >  sandpaper to clean up the contacts inside the switch.
	 >  I use an emery file that I stole from my wife.  It's a 'buffing"
type and
	 >  isn't as abrasive as most.

	I've worked in electronics labs for 15 years, and still find a
pencil eraser
	to be the most effective for cleaning connector and switch contacts.

I think it is the ProGold site that rails against using pencil erasers on
contacts.  I don't remember the rationale.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA