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RE: TT in AW

harrison sapir wrote:

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> Everyone check out the current Autoweek for some beautiful
> shots and praise
> of the TT. The article confirms that the first run will be
> FWD only, but
> quattro should be around sometime in 2000.

Not quite correct.  We WILL have quattro next year, but it will be on the 180hp
platform.  From p.26:

"Audi's plan to launch the TT in North America goes like this:  The front-drive,
180hp coupe arrives next May as a 2000 model.  Quattro will be available by the
end of summer, when the TT Coupe goes on sale in Canada.  A TT Roadster will be
introduced about the same time.  The 225hp TT should be ready for U.S. sale in
the spring of 2000."

AW says the delay in bringing over the 225hp version is due to "work required
for new low-emission standards".   Grumble.