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Re: Hydraulic fluid alter

 -=> Quoting Dclose <=-

 Dc> A while back a lister gave a list of possible alternatives to part #G
 Dc> 002 000. Among those listed were:
 Dc> Ford # M6C34-A--I
 Dc> Jaguar Hydraulic System Mineral Oil
 Dc> Mercedes # 000 989 91 03-10
 Dc> Toyota ATF-Type T 08886-00405

 Dc> Does anyone have experience with any of these in an Audi? The Ford
 Dc> fluid is dirt cheap!

     Don't know about the Ford fluid, but I have seen
     Pento$in used many times instead of the OEM
     Mercyless Benz hydraulic fluid.  The mechanics
     I've spoken with say that the Pento$in mineral
     oil quiets noisy pumps on the Benz's, doesn't
     blow seals as much and stays cleaner longer.

     No experience going the other way though,
     Mercyless Benz fluid in an Audi.  I had a
     line leak on the 5KS, dead of winter, no
     time to fix it, started filling the system
     with cheap generic mineral oil...ended up
     having to do the steering rack and reseal
     the pump along with the hose.


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