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Re: Faux Carbon Fiber

In a message dated 9/22/98 10:55:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
human@nh.ultranet.com writes:

>  > Anybody know of a less expensive product, or is this pretty comparable?
>  > I've got a black dash with 3 pieces of wood trim and I'm thinking about
>  > covering the wood with this stuff to make the dash look more uniform in
>  > color (black/grey).
>  Sounds like plastic to me.  Why not just paint the wood?  
>  Oh I guess the dash is plastic anyway, so why not?
>  I wonder, does it actually have texture, or is a "print"?  can't really
>  tell from 2D pix...
>  -- 
>  Huw Powell
Hmmm, well if you want the real thing go to exoticwooddash.com.  They have 3
types of wood and carbon fiber.  I got the carbon fiber kit which is real cf
with a nice thick gloss coat.  I have pictures that you gotta see on my web
site which has my car up there for sale.  If you want a REAL sports sedan
check it out, the SHO, nah just kiddin around but its worth a look
Joe Wechter