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List, Help!- I need your imput- 
My daily driver 1990 80Q has been overheating lately(especially when the 
car is idling in one place)..I changed the timing belt,thermostat, 
flushed and filled system-still the car overheats-not as much, but 
enough to show concern..Any sensors I should check for? other areas to 
go over? If I drive on the highway the temp stays normal, when at a 
light or the car stops for a few minutes- the thermostat gets hot 
...Please help with suggestions as this is my daily driver and i need it 
to be at least partially exempt from a sudden strike by the Audi Gods! 
Nick Meyers
90 90q
87 5kcsqt(for Sale in 1 Week!)
83 TQC(on the way soon!)

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