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Re: V8 first round of problems

Nathan B. Thomas
nathan@baz.com writes <snip>:

Bad CV boot- $200 to replace it

Took my 90V8Q in for an alignment and the shop found that both front CV
boots were torn (all the way around).  The shop (a tire & alignment place in
Atlanta) took both front axles to a CV rebuild place and had the original
axles rebuilt (including new boots, etc.).

Total job was $199 each side with a 'lifetime guarantee'.  The R&R part
didn't look too hard -- just remove the brake air shields, unbolt axle from
tranny and slide shaft out of wheel side.

Now I need to figure out why the brake pad light comes on intermittently
(I'm taking it back in tomorrow to let them figure it out).

Hope this helps.

  -- Jeff F.