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RE: Spring Audi Concour/show

Good luck! Sounds like fun! Too bad I'm 2500 miles away...

Don't forget the crew at SportWheels, they're in your neck of the woods, and
have significant Audi experience and interest.

-Ian Duff.
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Gang/Colorado Audifiles:
   I've just got off the phone with Tom Scott well known Porsche restorer 
and director of the "Exotic Car Show" that takes place every early June 
here in Littleton at the Arapahoe Community College. I ask if this coming 
year he could see his way clear to make room on the grass for Audi to make 
it's pressents felt and he said yes. He also asked me to join the group 
organizing the event as the Audi coordinator, and of corse I said yes.
   Now some detail...the show has been going on for over ten years, has 
great visability in the community, always supports a charity M.S. etc... 
last year there were over 200 cars maybe as many as 300. Porsche, 
Mercedes, Jag, some Italian i.e. Ferrari, Alfa, and sometimes the BMW club 
will show.
   The show is always very well done, with lots of local coverage. There 
will be a fee to show the cars, last year it cost me $40 to show, but that 
money goes to the charity, and is tax deductable. That seems to be what 
scared the BMW club off I'd like to think were made of stouter stuff than 
   What I see coming together now is not only showing off our cars but 
trying to show history as well. A good friend of mine has several DKWs 
such as a SP1000,  3=6 sedan, and a Munga. I'm sure there are several 
Ur-qs out here, I've seen several at Champaine (Audi independent), 4000s, 
5000s, 90/80, 100, 200, V8s, racers, q's and non'qs, lets really put on a 
   I also know some folks at McDonald (Continetal VW/Audi) and will see 
how they could be involved...TTs, S4(maybe by then).
   The judging side should be done by our selfs, and all cars do not need 
to be judges that would be up to the owner. I've been judging concours for 
years as a Porsche judge and BMW judges, I could make a base line form, 
and then we could take it anywhere you guys/gals would like to.
   Well there you have it, it is fun and can be stress free if we keep the 
judging fun.
   Please let me know what you need to help me make a success of this, I'd 
hate to think that Paulies Munga, and my 90q20v would be the only Audis 
there. Maybe this would be the beginning of a more regular gathering of 
the troops.
Let me know!
Rick Glesner
Littleton, Colorado
'91 90q20v