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Exhaust: Split Flange

  I just went through the process of getting a split flange for my
87 5KCSTQ. It will replace the flange that is on the exhaust behind the
cat. The existing one rusted too much and I needed a way to replace the
flange without cutting and re-flaring the pipe. Searching the normal
parts stores yeilded one split flange that was really heavy duty, but
only meant for 2 bolt connections. Since this is a 3 bolt flange, no luck.
Talked to Foreign Auto Parts here and they could get me one. I picked
it up today and it looks like the stock one, just cut in half. It
has tubes that were welded to the sides which hold bolts. As you might
guess, the bolts re-join the two halves once on the exhaust pipe. This
looks like it will rust quickly, so I'll paint it well before installing
it. The cost was $19.16 (list was $31.94). The part# they use is
SM-36133. It is meant for a 2 7/16 inch pipe. After measuring the
circumference of my (exhaust) pipe and using PI, I got 2 3/8, which is
close enough! Hope that helps someone!