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"new" '875kcstq

Pickin' up my 5kcstq on Sunday--thanks to all who gave me checklists and 
problem areas!! It greatly helped my search.  Anyhoo...

1.  Valve gasket needs replacing--is there a "better" than OEM available 
or even necessary?  I know there are some aftermarket hi-tek gaskets of 
neoprene and what not.

2.  Can I switch to synthetic oil?  I'm concerned because in my old Jeep 
I switched, and it aggravated oil leaks bigtime.  I think because of the 
crappy seals.

3.  Driver's side door map pocket--anyone have one?  No big whoop.

4.  I'll need good performance + wet weather tires (on OEM rims).  Any 
suggestions?  I'm staying away from Blizzaks and the like because of 
their 'grippy' compounds--it's overkill for L.A.  When I go 
snowboarding, it's only snowy for about the last 20 miles, the rest 
would be rain.  Aquatreds perhaps?

5.  Some have e-mailed me already saying 'chipping' it is a good idea.  
Ya sure 'bout dat?  I live in CA where the C.A.R.B. is the performance 
nazi, so anyone know of reliable chips that are legal?  Other legal 
performance goodies?

6.  Brake & suspension upgrades.  Interested, but I'm not a racer, it's 
pretty much a daily driver, don't want the Lowered Honda Jiggle.

Once again, thanks for all the pre-purchase responses!  What a great 
list--now I'm a participant.  Whew!

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