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Re: Brakes,Lines,and rotor info 86 5000tq

A most intelligent q-lister, Mike Del Tergo, declares:

>If you value your arms and legs, try to get second opinions on Shokan 
>quotes!  To take a page out of Eric? Fluhrs book, Call mark @ Adirondack 
>Auto. (1 518 882 6534)  He'll send you ATE Powerdisks for the front at 
>1/2 Shokans price and regular ATE rears for about 1/3 of your Shokan 
>quote (BTDT).

For a point of reference, I bought a set of 256mm vented front Powerdisc
rotors for $38 each for my Coupe GT.

If you have the G60 calipers, then Mark offers the 276mm vented front
Powerdiscs for $52 each.  That isn't quite 1/2 Shokan's price ($104 vs.
$195), but is close enough in my book.

No affiliation with Mark or Adirondack, usual disclaimers apply...just
a happy customer...

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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