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Re: "Wimpy" NG engine??

I was relying on a quote from a tuner catalog I got a while back from some
company in England.  Can't really remember the name: TSM, TSW, TSR,
something like that (maybe Phil can chime in?).  I do recall that they
offered a head with larger valves and this was one of the "benefits" of the
2V/cyl config vis-a-vis the 4V or 5V/cyl (no room to enlarge).

It's difficult to get much more power out of the NG without spending lotsa
bucks or replacing the thing altogether.

At 02:18 PM 9/25/1998 ,  Fluhr was inspired to say:
>  >The NG puts out about 130HP.  One major problem is the fact that the head
>  >has 40mm inlet & 33mm exhaust valves and a wimpy camshaft.  You can get a
>  >re-worked head for $1500 that majorly increases valve size, drop in a new
>  >cam for $400-500 and get 170hp.
>  What larger valve sizes are you talking about, here?  I thought the NG's
>  valves were decently sized as-is.

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