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Re: Buzzzzzzz

>That was the sound coming out of my speakers on my coupe this morning on
>the way to class.
> Is there a wiring harness which
>includes rear speaker wires that could be shorting out or is my rear
>speaker amp just telling me that its time has come?

Assuming your stereo is stock...
The rear speakers each have their own amp.  Each has a wiring harness which brings the low-level signals and power/
ground from
a single connector on the back of the head unit.  There are a whole bunch of wires, probably there is a on/off control
for the amps as well.

Thus if the noise is on one speaker it may be the amp, but if it is on both then it is upstream from there.

First thing I would try is pulling the head unit and reseating all the connectors.  If I remember right there is also a
chassis ground wire which screws to the frame of the head unit.  Check it for integrity.

Next step would be to repeat this on both amps, which are a PITA
to access as you must remove the rear seat and it's side bolsters.   Instructions on the 20V page.

No luck then disconnect the harness at both the head and the amps and check each signal for non-infinite resistance to
ground.  You would need a Bentley to help identify which wires do what.

It is also quite possible that the head unit has gone kaput.  I still have the original from when I upgraded mine, would
sell for cheap but only if you need it.

Another possibility- and the most difficult to troubleshoot- is that some unrelated electrical connection is gone south
and this is causing interference.

Matt Rooke