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RE: Uprating bulbs in 1994 S4

The PO of my car put in generic 100W low beams, which were slowly starting
to melt the plastic (of the reflector, I think). Certainly, they were
carbonised when I took them out (but, fortunately, with a little patience
they were still re-aimable to the correct position). I replaced them with
80W bulbs from WG Giles [wggiles@cris.com], and there's little to tell
between the new (cooler) and the old (too hot) ones in terms of light

I also got some PIAA fog bulbs from him that are rated at 55W but supposedly
illuminate like 80W bulbs (can't verify that, but they are more useful than
the old ones were). WG's view (he has an S6) on this was that you could
probably uprate _either_ the lows or the highs to 100W without a harness,
but taking _both_ to 100W or either _above_ 100W would probably need new
wiring, and (in my case at least) 100W was clearly too hot for the (US DOT
spec) headlights.

HTH, Geoff

> Does anyone know anything about putting uprated bulbs in the
> headlights of a 1994 S4?
> Philip Ross
> Scotland