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[200q] bad vibes clutch

Driving along today. Suddenly my clutch pedal starts giving me vibrations on
application both up and down. My first thought is that the MC piston is
jamming (possible cause of my previous broken pedal).

No..this isn't the case because the vibes disappear when the engine is off.

SO to repeat symptoms:

Clutch pedal travel has vibration when engine is on, no vibration when
engine is off.
Clutch pedal travel feels "normal" when engine is off.

Also the pedal pressure seems lighter.
Engagement seems a little "sloppy.

What the heck is happening?
PLEASE don't tell me it's new clutch time!

OK..if it is new clutch time, could someone who has had the work done give
me an estimate in labor hours and parts prices. Thanks!!

Albany NY
89 200q 175K (original clutch).