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re: higher watt bulbs and relays

Bottom line:  use relays, with power from the jump start post _not_ through
the stock wiring.  Use the stock wiring only to activate the relays.  The
relays will improve your lighting even without upgrading bulbs by bringing
actual voltage up to 12 or so (per Scott Mockry's measurements...see his site,
http://www.teleport/~scottmo/  ).  My understanding is that resistance in the
wiring and various connections increases over time, which can create heat,
etc. and reduce available wattage at the bulbs.  I'd also be cautious with
high-wattage bulbs if your lights are plastic where the bulbs mount.

Wiring diagram and description for a make-it yourself wiring harness is on my
page, courtesy of Igor Kessel; you can also contact several venders such as
Todd Candey (link and description of his wiring harnesses on my site with th
details on the USA group purchase of european headlights [which you already

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q