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Re: Slow electrical leak???


    The standard troubleshooting approach for a static drain problem is to
charge up the battery, disconnect the positive lead, and attach an ammeter
between the positive lead and the positive battery post. If there is a
current draw, it will show up on the ammeter.
    Two caveats at this point - start with the 20 amp setting on your VOM to
avoid frying it, and watch out for the current draw which may come from your
interior lights if you are doing this with the door open.
    If you have a current flow, start pulling fuses and relays to isolate
the problem area.

Good luck!


Fred Munro
'91 200q  259k km
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From: Robert Dodd <rdodd@bellatlantic.net>
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Date: Friday, September 25, 1998 4:33 PM
Subject: Slow electrical leak???

>Well, here's a new one. Bought a used 90S. Had it for a week before the
>left the radio on and killed the battery (sat for a few days). Battery
>appeared to be original so I replaced it with new. Recently, car sat for a
>week and when I went to start it up, dead battery!!!! Well, nothing had
>left on this time. Jump started it, drove around for awhile, seemed to be
>ok. Let the care sit for another 5 days and the battery is dead again.
>Nothing left on that might have drained the battery that I could tell. Any
>thoughts on possible causes? The battery checks O.K. I'm afraid this is one
>of those problems that will plague me trying to figure it out, and I have
>little confidence if local shops with a problem such as this. Common
>and easy fix?