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$500 Audi, last details, Bucksnort observations

<<2) Automatic transmission leaks, evidently from an o-ring on the right (?)
side of the tranny. Local thieves quoted $80 to fix it, I figure it'll take 15
minutes and a couple of o-rings - any BTDT's on this one? Drips only a few
drops when parked, PO says it leaks a quart of ATF in 60 to 100 miles! - I'm
sure I'll see this when I actually crawl under, but if anyone has already done
this, I'd appreciate some advance information.>>

	Been doing a bit of research on auto trans stuff lately.....
	The trans in the 4K is the same one in the 5K, there are variants (according
to Bentley), but this is basically the VW Vanagon auto trans.  There is one
common major symptom of problems - it will start to be very slow to go into
reverse and in making the shift from 2-3.  Based on list comments there are
two possibilities for repair.  	First, if you are lucky, the shift valves are
sticky and need attention.  Listmembers who have resolved this problem have
done so by either 1) putting in an additive such as Militec1 (checked with Al
Powell, his 200 is still fine), or 2) dropping the pan, removing the valve
body and then cleaning the valves manually.
	Second reason is that the reverse/third gear clutch-pack is gone.  This can
only be resolved by rebuild.
	(BTW, I pulled the trans pan and valve body from my son's '88 5k this week.
Murphy lives with us full time, so you can guess what I found.....)
	As far as leaks go, check the pan for small holes.  If someone has loosened
the fill tube, then that might be leaking.  Another area would be around the
pan seal itself.  Also, according to Bentley there is a trans oil cooler, so
that could be another source of a leak. (I didn't look for one, ran out of
time researching the "other" problem.)
	Guess I need to go pull the spare trans out of the parts car and get it ready
to go into his '88.

<<3) How much trouble is the timing belt on this one? We can't find anything
in the service records about when (if) this was done last, and I'm thinking
that just-in-case would be a real good idea.>>
	It's lots easier that the I-5.  Just in case is MUCH better than just too