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Re: 4ksq/CGT motor swap

tsal2@juno.com (Timothy C Salazar II) wrote:
> Um...Isn't the 4ksq's and the CGT's engine the same?
> Ken Keith <auditude@impulsedata.net> writes:
> >
> >I want to take the motor out of my '86 Coupe GT,
> >and put it in the '85 4ksq.  I know it's alot of 
> >work for just the stock n/a motor, but finances 
> >are an issue, as is available working space 
> >(parts car storage, etc.), and time (tracking 
> >down a donor).


Yes, it is, except that the one in my 4ksq doesn't 
run, and the one in my wrecked CGT does/did.

Hence my explaining above that I know it's not
to be a performance gain.

I just want to be able to drive the 4ksq, and
what's left of the CGT after I strip it down.