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RE: Uprating bulbs in 1994 S4

>Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 14:57:04 -0400
>From: Tom Saltino <saltinot@mindspring.com>
>Subject: RE: Uprating bulbs in 1994 S4
>I drive a 1994 S4 and I have tried 100W low beams with no modifications.
> They headlight plugs melted at the base of the plugs.  If I had to do it
>all again I would definitely get some relays.

Sorry, but something (logic?) seems amiss here. How could the problem of
melted headlight "plugs" be affected if you were to "get some relays"?
Seems to me that 100W--->more heat--->melted lamp fixture. Relays or no

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