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RE: Clutch vibration, and ramble

In message <000001bdeaa9$70378020$7abed2cc@default.nycap.rr.com> "Osman Parvez" writes:

> For those that are interested my 200q has recently had:
> 1. Rebuilt Rack
> 2. New Bomb
> 3. Rebuilt P/S Pump
> 4. New Boge Turbos in front, oem in back
> 5. Eurolights (harness in works)
> 6. Tap Chip
> 7. In Dash Kenwood CD
> 8. Fuel Lines
> 9. Oil Lines
> 10. Used wheels from CA
> 11. Set of Hakka 1's with about 2K miles on them, mounted on Steel wheels.
> 12.  Rebuilt Starter
> 13.  Rebuilt Alternator
> 14. Sampco upper IC hose
> 15. Clutch MC
> 16. Clutch SC
> 17. Clutch PEDAL.....and on and on.....(don't forget the set of Bentley's)

Don't see any suspension or brake work in that list.  The parking brake
levers on the rear calipers are likely to be stiffening up, bushes need
to be thought about.  If you have the space, I would suggest you get it
on axle stands until grad school is done, and do a very leisurely
suspension and running gear rebuild in your spare time.  Shame to let
go of it.

 Phil Payne
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