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Re: 84 5ks Headlight Adjusters

In message <199809261235.IAA01870@hme0.mailrouter01.sprint.ca> sbigelow@sprint.ca writes:

> My lamp adjusters are shot...anyone replaced these things?


The brass adjuster screws are GBP2.25 over here.  They're held in
by metal discs with cross-shaped cuts in them that are pushed into
place over the back of the adjuster screw.  Order 8 new adjusters
and 8 clips at the same time - getting the clips off in a re-usable
state is a waste of time.  They're GBP0.26 each.

Just push the adjuster lever down on the screw until the clip is
exposed, then cut through the clip with wire cutters and twist it off.
Take care winding out the old adjuster - there is not much clearance
between it and the glass - lots of small movements are better than a few
big ones.  Wind in the new adjuster, hold the lever in place, and push
the new clip into place over the end of the adjuster with a small
socket.  8mm?

When you realise how immovable the old adjusters are, go back through
your invoice file and see how often you were charged $30 for "adjusting
headlights".  In my case, all of the adjusters were completely siezed
and I had an item for just such an adjustment four weeks before.  If _I_
had trouble shifting the things with 2ft water-pump pliers, I fail to
see how a mechanic could have managed it with a cross-head screwdriver.

 Phil Payne
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