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Clutch -- 5KCSTQ

We Audi owners are spoiled beyond belief when it comes to shifting.  Audis
are definitely the smoothest-shifting cars I have aver driven, and I'm sure
many would agree.

Over the past 2 months, I've noticed that my shifting has become
increasingly stiffer -- even in colder weather when the shifter is as
smooth as silk.  I know that are ways to remedy the problem -- one way is
to use Red-Line synthetic gear oil.

However, I was told last week by the dealer that I will need a new clutch
soon.  Audi clutches are bulletproof -- and it just doesn't fell like I
need a new one.  He said the parts weren't bad but the labor is ridiculous
-like 10-12 hours or something.  This seems odd.  When the clutch seemed to
go in my 4KQ, the clutch master cylinder needed to be replaced, not the
actual clutch itself (unless that IS the clutch!).

My questions are as follows:

1.   Do I need a new clutch?  Is hard-shifting a symptom of needing a new
clutch?  If not, what are the            symptoms?

2.   How can I improve the smoothness of the shifting?  I miss the
smoothness, man.  It's not real hard to       shift, but it's getting
there.  Will the Redline synth stuff work -- or is  there a better

3.   Does a clutch job really take 10 hours?

4.   Will replacing the clutch make the shifting smoother again?

5.   What about OEM clutches like Sach's -- anyone have any experience with
these Hi-Po clutch packages>?  Which ones are recommended?

Thanks, all.  BTW -- I had the shop rig be up a new welded bracket for my
rear exhaust that works fine.  However, The front part of the exhaust
(manifold to cat) was completely corroded and needed to be replaced.  The
part cost $540 and took 1 1/2 hours labor.

I couldn't find a source for the front exhaust OEM or performance --
anywhere.  The closest I could get was a used unit from BLAU -- and it
wasn't much cheaper than new.

TIA for your help,

87 5KCS TQ
85 4KS Q
82 VW Cabriolet