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RE: 4ks idle problems

Can someone clarify this.  It was my understanding that the cold start valve
only acted while the starter is activated.  So once the car has been
started, then cold-running problems (besides a leaky valve) are really found
elsewhere?  At least that's the way my old Rabbit was.


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> I have an "85 4000S and I agree the Haynes manual is about useless for
> the engine. Luckily I still have the Bentley's manual for my old VW Fox.
> This Bentleys is good for CIS-E and only costs 30 bucks, but I'd suggest
> biting the bullet like I soon will and get the right one.
> As for your cold start problems, it may be as simple as the temp sensor.
> Pull the plug when the engine is cold and check the resistance. You
> should see about 1700-2500 ohms. If the sensor is broken, you may see
> none, this will signal a warm engine, which will give the cold start
> valve a very short injection time and won't enrich the mixture while the
> engine is warming up.
> Concerning the idle, you are right to check the ISV, but these aren't as
> big of an issue on the 4 cylinder models. Your car also controls the idle
> with timing. There is a module on the firewall near the coil which
> controls timing and idle. I'm not sure how to test this, but I'm sure you
> can get one cheap. Try the temp sensor first, if it doesn't pan out, you
> can test the current at the control pressure regulator. If you need, I
> can tell you about that one later.
> Good Luck  
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