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80q Turbo 2.2 implant

     As I'm researching clutch job prices (current best $650 includes parts
and labor), I was chatting with my mechanic. He is starting a conversion
project A local physician has purchased a wrecked 87 5000 turbo (no
quattro). He also has a 88 80q. The turbo motor is going into the 80q!

If anyone has any insights into this project, I would greatly appreciate
comments. I thought there was a difference between a Quattro and non Quattro
motor that might cause difficulty. Any information what-so-ever, since this
is a first of it's kind (for what I know) and since inforation on turbo
conversions (implants) is somewhat rare.

The job starts this week! I'm going to try to get over there and shoot some
film of the work in progress, perhaps post up the stuff to a webpage.

P.S. There is talk about installing a no2 system with a IA mod on the car.
The owner has been talking with Ned Ritchie apparently. I warned him about
possible pressure transducer failure and that our own Scott Mo.'s QLCC might
be a better alternative.

Feedback welcome.

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
91 Golf (temp) 121K
89 200q, 175K
85 Mr2, 77K (in storage)