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Re: Need fog light

>>>>p.s. Called the dealer who told me the whole unit needs to be replaced for
>>> Very commmon problem on these cars.  The dealer is correct.

>>According to Tim at 'The Parts Department', the dealer is talking
>>through the incorrect orifice.  Tim will cheerfully supply just the
>>lens for a 1990 Coupe front fog light for "about GBP30" plus GBP7
>>postage and packing.  Send him an order using Mastercharge or Visa
>>by fax to 011 44 1273 326289.  Be sure to include the VIN number, etc.

>Before you start quoting credit card numbers- The US foglights are very
>different from the Euro items. The US fog lights are much higher and more
>narrow than the euro foglights, which are 'integrated' in the turn signals

Yes, different.  The (now famous) 20V page has several pictures of both styles,
see http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3229/pictures.htm

The US fogs are actually below the bumper (the euros are in the bumper) meaning that they are exposed to more flying
gravel and thus more prone to damage.
So of course they don't have replaceable lenses, that would make too much sense.

Matt Rooke
'91cq (usa-spec)