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RE: Clutch

> >I used
> > a Sachs OEM clutch, and the effort on the new one was very low, contrary
> > to previous experience.
> Consistent with my impression of driving one of Mike Zamikhovsky's turbo
> quattros after he replaced the OEM Sachs (at around 200kmi) with the new
> Sachs.
> The replacement OEM felt almost as light as the super soft clutch on my
> '98
> A4TQ.
> No comparison with heavy (original) clutch on my '89 200TQ.
... I had the same experience after R/R the clutch  et al from the '85 4kSQ
... I think Tony Lum would say the same thing about his car (same year and

My belief is that the sleeve on which the throwout bearing slides is the
primary culprit.  The one that I pulled from the 4k was so worn and rough
I'm surprised that the bearing even reached the fully disengaged position!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)