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Mail-order places (was Re: Who's had a bad BLAU! experience)

If you ask for it, you will likely find good and bad experiences about
all mail order places, Blau included.  Case in point, I ended up paying
about $40 for $8 worth of oil seals from Carlsen this past weekend.
However, a year or two ago I ordered some parts from Linda and had
no problems what-so-ever with them.  So, there is always a chance you
will have problems...that is the risk you take by ordering over the
phone (or fax, etc.) and saving money over walking into a deal.  The
best you can do is completely clarify your order from them, even down
to double-checking the part numbers and shipping info.

It is all about calculated risk...

'85 CGT ($40 differential oil seals!!), '82 urq
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