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Re: 200TQ speedo shakes, odo stops

The problem is a bad connection between the speedo unit and the rest of the
instrument cluster (IC).  Nearly two years of frustration were needed
before the solution was found.

The speed sensor reed switch of the transmission was replaced and this did
not help.  Surgery on the IC was required.  This most definitely a DIY job
provided that you are comfortable working with solder.

Remove the IC.  Open the rear.  Extract the speedo.  Easy job once it's
open and you can see what you are doing.  Replace the four electrical
contact pins of the speedo with four wires from a nice four pin electrical
connector (I used an RJ-11 telco plug/jack).  Observing color codes, solder
the other half of the connector to the proper places on the PC board of the
IC where the two pins used to contact.  Connect the two halves of the
connector.  I placed mine outside the rear of the IC to allow easy
disconnection for the next time I had to get into the IC.  Unnecessary as
it turned out.

If you need specific help, lemme know.

At 04:55 PM 9/28/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I have used the search engine but DID NOT find an
>succinct answer for this problem.  My '89 200TQ has started doing
>the speedo dance with the odometer failing as well.
>Sometimes things work perfectly, other times it is hosed.
>What is the prognosis and fix?  Is it a DIY'er?
>Thanks in advance for direct pointers to specific Qlist dates or
>'89 200 TQ that is starting to mask its true mileage.
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