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re Bilsteins on a 4kq

Denise Riley TQO <driley@tqs.com> wrote:

Does anyone have an opinion of the merits of Bilstein HD's vs Sports on
an 86 4kq?  The car is our carpool daily driver.  I don't know how old
the current shocks are but they are mushy and bottom out on wimpy
speedbumps. My records only go back ~75k miles and they bear no mention
of new shocks or springs.  The back bumper is at least one inch lower
than a comparable vintage 4kq with new very stiff Boge's.  Bilstein's UK
and US web sites have no information on the 4kq HD and Sport other than
P/N.  I want something stiffer, but not terribly stiff, and preferably
not lower than stock.  We also plan on replacing the springs and all the
little rubber bits.  I assume the choice of springs depends on the
choice of shocks.  Opinions on shocks to go with Bilstein's are gladly
accepted.  Thanks.

Having just put Bilstein HDs on my 1988 90q, I suggest you don't want
anything stiffer.  You will notice every imperfection in the road at low
speed.  (On the other hand, they are very nice at high speed.)  I still
haven't determined whether they are too stiff for optimal traction in bumpy
corners.  (Maybe the Kanc run?)

Ideally, the springs and shocks should match in some way to make the
characteristics of the pair neither too overdamped, nor too underdamped.  I
don't have enough data to calculate where mine stand in this respect, except
they are obviously not underdamped.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA