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Re: Horrible Blau experience!

>Tony Lum wrote:
>> At 11:18 AM 9/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> <snip>
>> >which costs extra. Sat morning comes around, my mecahnic never got the
>> >clutch slave pressure hose. I have my mountain bike with me in the city
>> I'm a little surprised you can buy the pressure hose at Blau's.  I was
>> talking to Rod at TPC last week trying to order the pressure hose from him
>> and he said Audi won't release the part (whatever that means) so the part
>> is dealer only.

Hmm... doesn't surprise me. The old "yeah, we can take care of that"
cliche....  "Nooooo problem.... how many you need?!!".

I too was VERY disappointed with Blau... and won't do business with them
because of it. In one of their flyers they (he) advertised a set of spark
plug wires for the V-6 at $149. He said he 'd send them right out. Never
told me they weren't in stock... that they were on backorder. Led me to
believe they were right there next to him....  ready to be sent right out.

To make a long story short, I got a 6-week runaround, and never, ever, got
the wires from him!! I ended getting the EXACT same ones for a few dollars
less... within two days of ordering them, from another source!! It was a
complete waste of time dealing with Blau...

Not only was it extremely frustrating (from dealing with him as well as the
ill effects of not having the new plug wires), it was mostly the deception
that bothered me... never mind the total disregard for proper customer
service. Call me crazy... but I just don't like being f*cked with like

IMHO, Blau "blows"....

Of course, that's just my $.02 worth... naturally, YMMV... just don't say
that I didn't warn you... :-)

      Jim Griffin