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New To the List

Hello Listers,

I have been viewing the archives in stealth-mode for about a year and 
learning all I can from the assembled brain power.  I decided it was 
time to come out of the garage and let myself be known and try to 
contribute where I can.

Background:  I come from a German family with a love for all things from 
der fatherland, especially cars.  I have owned a 67 Bug, 72 911T Targa, 
73 Capri V6 (a little German rocket), 82 CGT, 86 Jetta GLI (wife's),a 
suped-up 87 4KQ, and a recently acquired 85 Ur Q.  Yes, I'm into the 
85s.  Maybe by the year 2010, I'll be in the 90s.

I live in Seattle and frequent the local parts suppliers/recyclers and  
have found ways to keep life with German cars affordable.  I am by no 
means a technical marvel like most of you, but I am trying to get there.  

Any way, I enjoy the spirited dicussions, the commraderie, the humor, 
and the non-technical stuff.  I especially like to see how the majority 
of you look out for each other  (there's always a leaky valve  in a 
group so large) and flame only when appropriate.   I especially 
appreciate that list doesn't operate like another popular Audi site 
which seems to be inhabited by pre-pubscent lads intent on chipping, 
lowering, and blacking-out windows.  The level of this group is 
thankfully mature, insightful, droll, and just good fun.

So hello Quattro List 

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