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Re: The BLAH, I mean 'BLAU' Ordeal

I very much agree with Rich. We are an organization and we should really
act as one. The only thing is how would we do it? I spoken to many vendors
and they are not actively on the Qlist. Maybe because they don't have time
or no necessity for it. I've heard of bad experiences or less than the
best treatment (but acceptable service) with Blau (usually Shokan) and a
couple of others. I really wonder if the vendors really care. I usually
ask all of the Audi owners off the street if they are Qlist members. Never
have gotten a single yes. So maybe we don't comprise the majority of their
customers. Just another point.

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On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Richard Haroutunian wrote:

> The good thing about this list is that we are now an 'organization.'  This
> means that we have power.  I've had pretty good luck with BLAU, most have
> not.  It would be cool to somehow let Jim know that his Company is getting
> ripped to shreds on the List, and maybe he'll actually do something about
> it..
> Sounds like he (they) need to realize that this List comprises the niche
> market he sells to!   A force to be reckoned with , considering that fact
> that those that are new to the List will see the posts and never by from
> I'm not suggesting the List 'boycott' BLAU -- that would be ridiculous,
> However, it would be cool to see BLAU make some changes because of the
> List.  AS I said in my last post -- I really feel it has everything to do
> with the amount of money you spend.  For example, I spent over $2K in less
> than 5 calls -- hence they treated me great.
> The interesting thing (and another point here) is that the reason I spent
> $2K was NOT due to BLAU's slick sales efforts and masterful technical
> advice -- it's because I got the technical support, advice, and answers
> from this List!
> That means something.  It means that the List is driving some portion of
> his business -- my $2K and countless other referrals based on advice and
> support form the Pros on this List.
> I'm sure you get what I'm saying -- I just think that he should know how
> his customers really feel.
> Richard
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