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Re: Who's had a bad BLAU! experience

<<<<I'd like to say in Blaufergnugen's defense (?) that they are in SE
>Wisconsin. By that I mean that area is not known for warm friendly
>people. I just moved after living in Milwaukee for two years, so I know
>how they can put you off without meaning to. Blaufergnugen simply
>combines the usual parts guy attitude and ignorance with Milwaukee
>abrasiveness no more no less.>>>>

<<<I know what you mean about "regionalism" since I am born and raised in
the south, and this is probably another example of why so many companies
are moving to the south! Unfortunately, Jim needs to understand
business, and his market, as well as he understand Audi's.>>>

Okay, I have to put in my $0.02 worth.

I'm a Southerner through and through.  North Carolina to be
specific.  And now living in SE Wisconsin.  With the given
exception of the Milwaukee metro area (which is similar
to _any_ large metro area... like Charlotte, NC), I have
found the WI people to be just as warm and friendly as
Southerners.  This is in sharp contrast to other areas
of the country (like the NE for example) and frankly is
not what I'd expected.

My friends ask me to compare WI with NC.  I usually
say that it's a lot like NC, a lot colder, but with a 
bar on every corner to compensate.  And WI people
are great, they just talk funny. ;-)

I've done business with Jim and will continue to do
so.  I find him very knowledgeable and personable.
I'd say he does understand his business and his
market well.

I would also put him in the no-nonsense category...
which is JUST LIKE a lot of Southerners I know.  They'd
rather NOT have your business if you're rude or
cause them problems. Southerners sometimes
tend to "put you off" as well.

This of course is no excuse not to resolve problems, 
but I don't expect to be coddled and smooth-talked...
if I want that I'll go to the dealer and pay for it.

My take on the whole thing: if you don't want to 
do business with Blau... don't.  And, if Blau
doesn't want to do business with you, they won't.

I'll continue to until they give me a reason not to...
and I don't overvalue "hearsay" because I know
I'm only getting half the story. Use it as a data
point: yes... but not as a primary decision-maker.
You can't please all of the people all of the time.

Oh, and the reason companies are moving to
the South:  Unions and taxes, not the people.

Disclaimer... no affiliation with Blau other
than as a satisified customer.  I am biased
against unions and taxes, however.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI