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Comm Ed. 4000CSQ Interior

I'm currently starting to restore the interior of a 1986 4000CSQ Comm Ed.  and
need to obtain as much of the original red leather interior as possible.  The
damage is mainly due to heat and wear, no cuts but the stitching has given way
on the top of the rear seat panel, and some of the driver's seat.

I've been looking around for this material for some time and did get a small
section from one of the listers, but I need more to do an acceptable job on
the vertical panel of rear seat.  

I'd appreciate any help / suggestions.  I've had this car since it was new
except for a period of time when it was loaned to my son and daughter.  It
only has ~240K miles on it, and has been a real trooper so now that it's back
in my possession I'd like to get it presentable again.

Bill Fuson