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Re: Hydraulic fluid alternatives?

As promised, here are the listings from the various hydraulic fluids. I
typed these up from the side of each bottle. I can't guarantee that
there aren't any typos; please let me know if you are suspicious of one.

Pentosin 7.1 / Audi G 002 000 (green cap, 1988 and earlier)
1. Gas oils (petroleum) straightrun, clay-treated
                                CAS: 92062-35-6
2. 2-propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, dodecyl ester, polymer with
methyl-2-methyl-2-propenoate and tetradecyl 2-methyl-2-propenoate
                                CAS: 68171-50-6
3. White mineral oil (petroleum)
                                CAS: 8042-47-5
4. Distillates (petroleum) solventrefined [sic?] heavy paraffinic
                                CAS: 64741-88-4
5. Phosphorodithioc, o, o-di-Cl-14-alkyl esters, zinc salts
                                CAS: 68649-42-3

Ford Hydraulic Brake Oil M6C34A
1. Distillates (petroleum), solvent dewaxed heavy paraffinic
2. Phenol, dimethyl-, phosphate (3:1)

And, while I'm at it:

Pentosin 11s / Audi G 002 000 (red cap, since 1989)
1. 1-Decene, dimer, hydrogenated
                                CAS: 68649-11-6
2. Distillates (petroleum) solvent - dewaxed light paraffinic
                                CAS: 64742-56-9
3. 2-propeonic acid, 2-methdodecyl-ester, polymer with
methyl-2-propenoate and tetradecyl ethyl-2-propenoate
                                CAS: 68171-50-6
4. White mineral oil (petroleum)
                                CAS: 8042-47-5
5. Amines, polyethylene polycompounds with (polybutenyl) succinic
                                CAS: 68439-90-5

That's it. Any interpretations of the similarities and differences? My
first observation is that the Ford fluid doesn't have much in it,
compared to the others. I'm also surprised that mineral oil is not on
M6C34A's list; I've seen many references to 7.1 as "mineral oil."  (The
Ford fluid has been suggested as an alternative to 7.1, not 11s, by the

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 150k