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Re: Audi loses a sale to BMW

 -=> Fluhr illuminates us with <=-

 Fl> feels the Audi sales personnel have no sense of customer relations,
 Fl> they just give you a price, say "take it or leave it", and aren't

 Fl> I am rather disappointed, and will email Audi with the story to
 Fl> let them know why they lost a customer.

     First, let me agree that Audi customer relations are
     probably the worse in the business..but..

     You are talking about a VERY popular car at the
     moment. If you go in and try to get a Boxster at
     List, you'll be in for an even bigger surprise...

     I went through this when I was purchasing new
     vehicles for grey market export, I could buy
     GM and Ford Pickups at $100 over cost, same for
     sport Asian models.  On the popular (at the time)
     Dodge Trucks I couldn't make a deal no matter
     what. "I'll take those 5 Geo's if you'll sell me
     a Ram reasonable" no deal. Supply and demand.

     If  your friend had been looking to buy an A8 or
     even an A6 it would have been a much different


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