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Re: boge gas v bilstein

The Boge turbo gas is OE on the V8/S4/20vt 200.  So by definition, the
statement: "He thinks the Boge gas will also be stiff, but not
objectionally so" means very little.

Any shock you put in there will be stiffer than what you have now.  Your
car is probably floating along on the springs.

Thus, I think you're going to have trouble with your wife no matter what
you put in there.

The problem with most shock/strut/spring/bushing/etc. replacements is that
the replacer is comparing worn out components to brand new units.  Notice
that I said "most."  Alex N. and others on the list have done better A/B
comparisons as they are willing to swap out new parts that they just don't
like.  Sarge also has a unique position because he has access to 2 like
cars with both strut setups.  Barring those people, you will probably only
get "I used Bilstein and they're the best" type responses.

I have enough cars that a better comparison can be made (like I've owned a
5k with kyb and one with TG) but there are too many other variables between
our cars and I haven't used the Bilsteins yet (due to cost).

It would be cool to have a bunch of differently set up 5k/200 cars at one
of the QCUSA events where everyone could take a couple laps in each to see
what really works for their driving style.  Anyone want to organize this?

There is another problem.  One gets "use to" the Cadillac ride.  Heck,
riding in our new 4kq with 4 blown out strut inserts is comfortable.  Much
more so than the V8 with 10k miles on Boge turbo gas inserts or the 5ktqw
with Boge TG and Koni red on Jamex springs or the urq with koni all around
and Eibach springs.  The 4kq handles like a boat though and isn't up to the
kind of driving my wife and I like to do.

I have a radical suggestion.  If this is your wife's car and you're trying
to please HER, go with something softer like the KYB or <gasp> Monroe or
oil Boges.

Another suggestion is to go with the TGs and run lower tire pressures or
use softer sidewalled tires like the Mich. Energy series.  Now I wouldn't
recommend those tires to anyone who is at all performance minded, because
they suck, but they did soften up the ride on my stiff 5ktqw.  And to their
credit, they handled great at the poor racer wear limit (aka bald on a dry
track, though most tires will exibit this).

Blasphemy yes, but every car on this list doesn't have to be a "track car."
 And you won't be in agony all the time listening to your wife complain. ;)


At 04:55 PM 9/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Andrei writes:
>>The shocks in my 90q are beginning to show signs of  weakness, and I am
>>trying to decide between BOGE turbo gas and bilstein hd. 
>Me too. My mechanic strongly suggests that I stay away from the Bilsteins
>for the 200T as they'll be *way* too stiff. He thinks the Boge gas will
>also be stiff, but not objectionally so.
>This is for my wife's daily driver, and if it ends up riding like a truck
>I'm in trouble. :) I'm sure she'd like it a bit more cushy than I
>would...personally, I've always been happy with Bilsteins, both on my last
>European sedan, and my, um, truck. Mechanic suggested that the Audi with
>Bilsteins will ride much more harshly than my Volvo did...and he's got no
>vested interest in this, other than the fact that he will *not* want to
>install, uninstall, return, and then install a second set of shocks.
>Anyone drive an otherwise stock 200 with these shocks?
>Thoughts appreciated.
>Lee Levitt
>wheelman @ shore.net
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>1990 Audi 200T, 90K
>1995 Range Rover County LWB, 80K
>1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor Custom Road Bike
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
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