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Re: boge gas v bilstein

four.rings@mcione.com wrote:

> Lee Levitt wrote:
> > Me too. My mechanic strongly suggests that I stay away from the Bilsteins
> > for the 200T as they'll be *way* too stiff.
> Correct. Plus you'll be going through the triangular upper mounts twice a year.
> > He thinks the Boge gas will
> > also be stiff, but not objectionally so.
> No. On my 200TQ I have Pro-Gas in the front (stiff) and Turbo-Gas in the back (a
> lot softer). I wish Boge made a Pro-Gas shock for the rear for the type-44 with
> quattro.
> > This is for my wife's daily driver, and if it ends up riding like a truck
> > I'm in trouble. :)
> [...]
> > Anyone drive an otherwise stock 200 with these shocks?
> Lee, I think your wife will be happy with the Turbo-Gas.
> Igor Kessel
> Two turbo quattros

Igor just drove my 200q with Turbo-Gas up front (approximately 3k miles on them).
Riding in his 200q, it definately felt stiffer.

-Osman Parvez
Albany NY