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The BLAU Ordeal

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	From:	Richard Haroutunian [SMTP:Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com]
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	To:	Subject:	Re: The BLAH, I mean 'BLAU' Ordeal

	Richard Haroutunian said : 

	" The good thing about this list is that we are now an
'organization.'  This means that we have power.  It would be cool to somehow
let Jim know that his Company is getting ripped to shreds on the List, and
maybe he'll actually do something about it. 

	Sounds like he (they) need to realize that this List comprises the
niche market he sells to!  Would be cool to see BLAU make some changes
because of the List.  I got the technical support, advice, and answers from
this List!  I just think that he should know how his customers really feel."

	 I have been reading all the listers comments about Blau for the last
several days.  I strongly agree, and commend Richard's comments regarding
Blau's business.  If Jim does indeed monitor the list, I hope he listens. 

	Personally, I've spoken to Hanna Blau on several occasions on Euro
headlight upgrades for my 4kCSQ, she's been more that helpful.  I haven't
ordered anything from them yet, but tracking might be a good option when I
do, to protect everyone's interest.  

Drew C. Boggs 
86 4kCSQ