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Re: Febi Hydraulic Fluid

Wallace White wrote:
> I haven't heard of Febi fluid, but did you notice the chemical listing I
> sent out today for Pentosin 7.1 and such? You could compare it to that,
> or post the "ingredients" of Febi to the list.
> - Wallace

Yes, I saw your post and Bob's follow on with Ted Kublin and saved 'em
all.  If I can get someone at Bilstein to part with the recipe, I will.
Can't find them on the web - and bottle only has a PO Box in Germany.

After reading the posts, my big concern is mixing fluids (different
viscosities and seal swelling characteristics).  Don't mind evacuating
system and switching, especially if I'll save ~$12/liter, but not at the
expense of my working hydraulic pump and soon to be replaced rack and

MJ Murphy