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Re: Audi loses a sale to BMW

In a message dated 9/29/98 3:12:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tyoung@wamnet.com

<< Audi of America in general needs some remedial training in Customer
Service. I'm sure this hurts the consumer satisfaction and the resale value of
the cars. Good new for those of us who buy used, bad news for those who buy
new. >>

I just recently bought my 1992 S4 and I was very, very well armed both by
knowledge of AoA's deficiencies as well as the various details on the car in
question. Also, I had a secret weapon: A "carved-in-marble" top price I was
willing to pay and a propensity for saying "Sorry to be wasting your time" and
walking out. To make a short story boring, I bought my 1992 S4 with ~47K mi.
PLUS a 3/36 extended warranty (with a $50 deductible) for $18,900 plus TT&T,
cash. My favorite moment was telling "the manager" that if I returned because
the car remained unsold (he claimed he was getting "strong action" on the car)
my top offer would drop by $1K.

It took three hours, but I budged $1000 and the dealer $3000.

-Joe in SoFla,
1992 S4 ~47K mi.