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Attack of the BOSS of the Monkey Lads (tm)

Further to my previous discussion of the problems encountered at Monkey Lad
City, also known as Tire Kingdom in Ormond Beach, Florida, I just got off
the phone with the district supervisor for the central Florida region.

We had a fairly amicable discussion, and he did some serious groveling -
then came the good part:

Zone Rep: "The mechanic diagnosed the clicking noise when he rotated the
wheel as a bad CV joint. It couldn't have been the differential - front
wheel drive cars don't have differentials."

Me: "I'm sorry, could you please repeat that? I didn't hear you clearly."

Zone Rep: "Front wheel drive cars don't have differentials. the drive axles
go directly into the transmission."

Me: "That is not correct. EVERY car has a differential. Some even have three.
>>>>>>>>> Do you know what the differential does?"

Zone Rep:  >>>>>>>>>>> " Well, uh, no, not really."

Me: "It allows the driven wheels to turn at different speeds when the car
goes around a curve. EVERY car has a differential - it HAS TO or it would
scrub the tires every time the car turned. EVERY car made on this planet
has a differential! (Technically, I should have said "Every two or more
wheel drive car" - but this guy was CLEARLY in beyond his depth.) In a
front wheel drive car, the differential is housed in the same casting as
the transmission, and sometimes shares lubricants with it, but there is
ALWAYS a differential!"

Zone Rep: "Gee, you learn something every day!"

Moral of the story: Here's the MANAGER of a whole area, a group of well
known, heavily advertised retail automobile repair stores, and he has NO
CLUE about the basic anatomy of an automobile! Really, now, and an Audi
4000 hardly qualifies as an exotic car!

("Hi, I'm your brain surgeon - show me where to find your brain and I'll
get right to work on it for you!")

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Keep the Monkey Lads OUT OF YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman