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coolant leak

(concerning '84 5000S)

It has just (recently? today?) developed
a coolant leak, and it looks like it's coming out
right where the radiator is. Am I assuming correctly
that no kind of stop-leak will work, and no repair
is possible due to ingenious choice of material
used for the rad?
Please tell me I'm wrong ;)

(The level was a bit below the min. mark when I checked
the other day, but I hadn't gotten around to getting
the correct antifreeze yet. Today, the coolant light came on.
It *is* dripping a bit, who knows how fast.)

Which reminds me - since it needs unusual antifreeze, and the PO
most certainly wouldn't have taken the time to use teh correct
type, what damage would result from run-of-the-mill antifreeze?