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Tips on buying SS rack from Jorgen?

I'm finally getting my courage (and my tool collection) up to change my
leaky steering rack, and I'd like to get the stainless-sleeved one from
Jorgen, since it's such a good deal _and_ warrantied for life. 

I hear that they only do busy-to-business sales, though, and this will
be my first experience as a auto repair "business," so I don't want to
mess anything up. (My employer's name, REM Design, sort of sounds like
an auto shop, but more of the fluorescent-lights-under-the-car variety.)
So, does anyone have the necessary part numbers? Both of the bellows or
boots or dust covers (what's the official name?) need to be replaced
too. Are there any other parts I should replace at the same time?


- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 150k