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Re: Audi loses a sale to BMW

Wow, that is just the opposite of what happened to me. I first went to the
WMB dealership where I fell in love with a black, fully-loaded M3. I took
it for a test drive and everything was great, until I wanted to leave. That
damned salesman started running through all the routine sales crap, what
would it take to get you into this car today, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc,
etc. I told him that I was going overseas for four months of training. It
took me two hours to get out of that place, this was probably my fault but
this guy would not let me leave. Same kind of thing happened at the VW
dealership next door.

When I went to Scottsdale Audi, everything was different. I was told
everything I wanted to know, I test-drove several Audis without problems
and I left and returned several times without any hassles at all. When I
chose my A4, I had no problems getting a few thousand off their price and I
got them to throw in window tinting and an Audi car cover for free. Too bad
for your friend, and for Audi, that your local dealer sucks. I have nothing
but praise for Scottsdale Audi. I felt great about buying my car and am
completely satisfied. Considering I bought the least expensive model this
dealership sells, they also sell Jaguar, Astin Martin, Rolls Royce/Bentley,
and Porsche, everybody bent over backwards to ensure my satisfaction.

I am sorry that your friend had a bad experience and I think that you
should send that letter to AoA, I'm sure they don't want to lose any more
sales due to idiots.