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Re: 200t shocks/struts: clicking on turning, wandering steering

> About 2-3 months ago I put in new Gabriel GasRyder
> shock absorbers on my 1990 200t. 

Gabriel GasRyder ?, not what the list would have recommended,
but that's ok :-)

> About a week or
> so after this I started to hear clicking and creaking
> noises from the front suspension as the steering
> was turned. Upon looking at the upper strut mounts
> as the wheel was turned and as the strut rotated I
> noticed clicking coming from the nut and castellated
> area of the mounting, the nut would turn with the
> strut and the rubber of the mount was dragged along
> with it and would release with a clicking noise.
> Taking it back to the fitters didn't help either.

Did they replace the strut bearing ?  I'm guessing no.

The strut bearing is that rubber "castellated" piece you referenced.

> I've just come back from another suspension shop
> and found the following. If I put my finger on the
> rubber boot part that covers the piston rod under
> the spring and then have the steering turned the
> clicking can clearly be felt.
> I was thinking it was bad fitting, so that the
> problem would lie with the nut that holds the
> shock into the strut not having been tightened
> properly (180Nm). But the guy at the workshop
> told me today that the problem is probably with
> a seal inside the shock. This means new shocks
> for me.
> Has anyone had similar experience with shocks
> that click upon turning?

Many of us including myself on two 89 100's.  It was fixed
on both by replacing the strut bearing when the struts
where replaced. :-)

> Could this be a seal dragging in the shock or
> is it deeper seated, like perhaps the entire
> shock turning within the strut? I was told that
> cannot be the case and when I looked at the shock
> myself before it was fitted I saw a raspy band
> on the lower edge that could provide quite a bit
> of resistance to turning if seated properly into
> the strut.
> Even when driving it sometimes feels like the
> car wants to go in 2 directions. I am attributing
> this to shocks as well, but what do I know? I
> will be checking the steering sometime this week.
> Could shocks that have the affects mentioned above
> give the feeling that one wheel is dragging?

I doubt the wandering and clicking is related, but I've been
wrong before.....

How many mile`s on the car ?

Could be lower control arm bushings ?

There are other people who may be able to address the wandering better
than I.

Where are you located ?  the list may be able to steer (pun intended) you
to a reputable mechanic familiar with Audi's.

Mike L.
90 V8
89 100 Avant