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Re: Needed 4kq front motor mount

Dave Conner wrote:

> Bob,
> The front motor mount and the rear diff hanger are VW motor mounts (A1 to
> be exact), from a Rabbit/Scirroco.
> The two main mounts (on either side of the engine) are pure audi.
> No...I don't have the part number.
> Dave C.
> Columbus, OH

Actually the rear mount for the casing of the rear differential IS a Rabbit
part (#171.199.214.F), but the front motor mount is strictly Audi.

The Rabbit/Scirocco/Jetta rubber buffer (not the mount itself) can be
coerced into fitting, but the correct one is definitely Audi. (#811.199.339
I think)

The actual mount (metal part) is the same as Quantum Syncro & Quantum GL-5.