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Re: new to Audi list

In message <085fa1035161e98UPIMSSMTPUSR01@email.msn.com> "Brian Winsett" writes:

> So, yes, there is a question in all of this.  The PO has no record of the
> last timing belt change in his 3.5 years of ownership.  Is this something I
> can do myself?  The local garages want ~$200 to do it.  Is this something
> THEY can do?  Do they need any special Audi tools that they may not know
> about?  (These aren't necessarily Euro-car garages ya see.)

You don't just change the belt - you change the water pump and idler
roller at the same time.  No point at all doing one without the others.

If you know how, and you have a big enough torque wrench (332 lb ft)
you don't need any special tools.  You can lock the crank using a
perfectly ordinary bolt.  If you don't know how to do this (and it
seems to be a q-list secret) then you need VAG #2084, a flat slab of
metal with a semi-circular recess on one end and a kind of dog clutch
on the other.  There _is_ a special tool for pulling off the idler

> Oh, the car also has a miss at idle.  Normal?  Not?

No.  Check the usual things, then we'll all go through the (long) list
with you.

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