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Re: new to Audi list

---Brian Winsett <dufrane@email.msn.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm going to pick up my toy tonight.  It's an '84 4000 with 150k mi.
> runs fine and any running vehicle for $500 is fine with me, 
> last timing belt change in his 3.5 years of ownership.  Is this
something I
> can do myself?  The local garages want ~$200 to do it.  Is this
> THEY can do?  Do they need any special Audi tools that they may not

For the I - 5 engine
By the time I got done buying tools, pumps, idler pulleys, seals,
belts, hoses, filters, plugs, chemicals, sealants etc.  I spent about
what you paid for the car.  (alright some things I bought were
optional and just begged to be done while it was sitting all apart) 
It took me all day saturday and part of sunday after extensive quattro
list help.

The fwd 4 cyl "quattro look" 84 4000 I used to own required no special
tools and a couple hours.
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