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200TQ speedo shakes-- AN UPDATE

Thanks everyone for the really helpful and factual
information on my speedo/odo situation.  I will
do the soldering job soon.  However in the mean
time, I will be giving the dash an occassional,  well placed,
bit of  negative reinforcement.  8{)

Yesterday on my homebound commute, the speedo
started to act up and WHACK!  It was normal
again.  Hot Damn!

Got to love this list and the comaraderie!
Thanks again guys.

'89 200TQ with a misbehavin' speedo

ps. Blau has done right for me on the whole,  I waited
3 months for a rear caliper last summer however  
I also got the backordered, complementary t-shirt at the
same time. They finally refunded my core caliper
this month but they did do it.